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Revolutionising Road Cargo

In the pursuit of eco-friendly road transport, the EU’s ambitious climate protection goals remain a distant target, especially in terms of CO2 reduction. In Germany, road haulage alone is responsible for around one-third of the transport sector’s CO2 emissions.

Continental Engineering Services (CES) is at the forefront of a green revolution, partnering with Siemens Mobility to develop and produce cutting-edge truck pantographs for the eHighways technology initiative. This groundbreaking project aims to provide electric power to trucks equipped with various electric drive technologies, including hybrid trucks, fuel cell trucks and battery-electric trucks, as they travel along specific sections of the highway network.

In this partnership, CES leverages its expertise as a certified automotive supplier to advance and manufacture the essential pantograph component of the eHighway system. This pantograph is designed in accordance with rigorous automotive standards and tailored to accommodate the diverse drivetrain configurations found in different types of trucks.

Siemens Mobility focuses on the infrastructure necessary for the eHighway, while CES specialises in the ongoing development and production of the pantograph component, ensuring a seamless and efficient electrification solution for the transportation industry.

Dynamic Charging

Electrified road freight transport – contributing to a sustainable transport sector

4.000  km

of contact lines on the German autobahn are recommended by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) as a cost-effective measure for decarbonization.


of the expected revenue from truck tolls (Lkw-Maut) would be sufficient to cover the investment required for a 4,000-km network.

16.000  €

in fuel savings can be achieved by a 40-ton truck driving 100,000 km on the eHighway, based on the cost of diesel at 1.25 €/l and electricity at 0.15 €/kWh.

Over 7 million tonnes

of CO2 could be saved annually if 30% of truck traffic on German highways was electrified and powered by renewable energy sources.


of heavy-duty trucks would find an economic incentive to switch to contact lines if the busiest 4,000 km of the autobahn were electrified.

> 80%

is the efficiency level achieved with overhead contact lines.

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