Sustainability Spotlight News

Engineering for the Environment

Continental Engineering Services’ GreenTech applies automotive expertise to environmental technology, creating sustainable, resource-efficient solutions beyond the automotive sector. The team undertakes a diverse array of engineering projects.

Empowering Diversity in Automotive Engineering Leadership

Join Alia Hall on her groundbreaking journey in automotive engineering, breaking barriers and inspiring change. Experience the transformative power of diversity firsthand.

Continental Engineering Services at the Agritechnica 2023

Continental Engineering Services introduces an environmentally friendly Weed Control System at Agritechnica 2023. By leveraging hot water and advanced technology, it provides effective weed management without harmful chemicals or mechanical methods.

A selection of products and solutions for more sustainability


Cutting the carbon from the world of cargo with innovative solutions.

Charging Robot

A dynamic duo to transform the way EVs are charged.

Weed Control System

In with the good, out with the bad.

Water Management

Every drop counts.

Product Solutions 3D Manufacturing

Revolutionising production with innovative 3D printing technology.

Life Cycle Assessment

Making the most out of every moment.

Intelligent Glass Control

The benefits are crystal clear.

Digital Services Platform

Sharing the load.

Ac2ated Sound

Reducing emissions is music to our ears.

Overview Business Integrity


Brightening the future of children in need.


Sowing the seeds of change.


Sustainable initiatives – always on the right track.


Every step makes a difference for sustainability.


A clear mission to clean up the environment.

Overview Social Sustainability

Circular Economy

Closing the loop for good.


Celebrating diversity by blazing trails.