Intelligent Glass Control

The benefits are crystal clear.

The glass in a car contributes a great deal to its environmental impact. Not just in terms of emissions and weight, but also in how it makes drivers and passengers feel. Our innovative Intelligent Glass can adjust transparency and colour for greater comfort and has a heating feature that significantly reduces de-icing time. The technology also allows for LED embedding, enabling sophisticated light design options. Control options include manual touch or gesture control, sensor-based automation and communication interface compatibility.

Intelligent Glass helps reduce emissions by minimising cooling needs in cars exposed to intense sunlight. It also helps lower fuel consumption by reducing the weight of the vehicle by approximately 20–30% compared to traditional sunroofs. On top of that, photovoltaics can be integrated into the glass, enabling the harnessing of clean and renewable solar energy to power the electrical system, battery or cool the car. Each of these benefits is a step closer to ever greater sustainability.

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