Sowing the seeds of change.

The seeds of sustainability give rise to worthwhile efforts and transformative initiatives. Read about Portugal’s contributions below.

Plant a Tree (FUTURO)


On March 1st, 2023, our colleagues in Porto actively participated in an environmental tree-planting initiative. Their efforts contributed significantly to environmental restoration, specifically aiding the reforestation of a native forest near Porto, which had been affected by devastating forest fires the previous August. A total of 40 colleagues came together and successfully planted 217 trees.

This environmental initiative builds upon our commitment to making a positive impact in the area, supporting the sustainable growth of the native forest. It marks a continuation of our ongoing efforts to nurture and protect the local ecosystem.

This tree-planting project is part of our newly launched program at CES Porto, aptly named “Power by CES”. This program is designed to empower our employees by providing them with valuable tools for personal and professional growth, including knowledge, responsibility, sharing, giving and learning. Throughout the year, you can expect various engaging activities under this program.

Beyond the environmental impact, this initiative also served as a wonderful opportunity for our colleagues to connect and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, all while making a meaningful contribution to the environment.

We’re exceptionally grateful to the incredible team at CES Porto, whose enthusiasm and dedication to these activities are truly commendable. Thank you for your ongoing commitment!

Environ­mental Activity (FUTURO)


On a sunny morning in May, 35 employees traded their desks for the banks of the Longra bridge path in Foz do Sousa armed with gloves, scissors and saws.

They learned about how invasive plants affect native species and the importance of tackling the issue, which involves utilising the peeling method. The group identified the target species, Acacia melanoxylon, which originally hails from Australia, and bravely peeled numerous acacias, even tackling tough ones with improper cuts roots.

APRISOF, the Association for the Protection of the Sousa and Ferreira Rivers, and Moinhos de Jancido helped clean the land. The Municipal Councilor of Gondomar, Ana Luísa Machado Gomes, visited and expressed gratitude.

After their hard work, the volunteers enjoyed a picnic by the Sousa River to recharge. Although the invaders still require attention, progress is being made towards restoring the native forest.

We extend our thanks to the dedicated volunteers for their time and effort. Continental Engineering Services Portugal also contributed to the FUTURO Project by supporting the production of native plants with forest substrate acquisition.

This action was part of the Week on Invasive Species 2022: Portugal & Spain, organised by the Municipality of Gondomar and the CRE. Porto, in collaboration with Moinhos de Jancido and APRISOF. CRE. Porto, a sustainability network led by the Portuguese Catholic University and the Porto Metropolitan Area.

Project FUTURO is dedicated to safeguarding Portugal’s unique plant species while promoting the sustained growth of native forests. This initiative directly impacts biodiversity, enhances CO2 and water retention and plays a crucial role in preventing forest fires.

With a focus on the Porto Metropolitan Area and its goal of planting 100,000 trees, FUTURO aims to ecologically restore areas that have suffered from fires, degradation or underuse. This restoration involves the careful management of vegetation, as well as the planting and maintenance of trees and shrubs native to the region. These efforts extend across waterways, urban areas and the hills and mountains of the region. Through Project FUTURO, we are nurturing a greener, healthier future for Portugal’s natural landscape.

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