Management Letter

Dear Stakeholders,

As an international engineering services company, we’re acutely aware of the challenges the world faces when it comes to achieving sustainability. Yet we’re more than just an engineering services company. We’re a company that thinks like engineers. This is a small distinction that makes a big difference, as we apply an engineering mindset to tackling the world’s most critical challenges, which is characterised by insatiable curiosity and an innate drive to solve complex problems.

When harnessed for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), this same mindset can pave the way for transformative change and sustainable progress. At CES we call it engineering corporate social responsibility.

True to form, we know that we cannot solve all the challenges we face at once and that they must be broken down into manageable parts. Continental’s pillars of sustainability are carbon neutrality, emission-free mobility and a responsible value chain. Building upon these, we’ve identified the following key areas to focus our efforts:

  1. To achieve economic sustainability, we promote sustainable business, optimise the circular economy and invest in the latest green technologies.
  2. Our unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and supporting ecological sustainability drives us to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions, expand electric mobility solutions and maintain a responsible and ethical value chain.
  3. As an international and inclusive company, we create excellent working conditions for our employees, prioritising corporate social responsibility and upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.

By focusing on these areas, we can drive progress and investment in sustainable technology both within our own operations and for our customers, with a strong emphasis on the ways in which our services and solutions can help them meet their own sustainability targets.

From climate change to social inequalities, the world is facing a unique set of unprecedented challenges. Tackling them effectively requires a concerted effort from all sectors, including corporations. By leveraging what we’re naturally good at and applying an engineer’s mindset, we believe that we can make a measurable difference towards achieving greater sustainability. In the pursuit of a better world, we’re not afraid to venture beyond the confines of the box. Only by daring to think outside it can we truly create a greener and brighter future for generations to come.

We hope you enjoy reading about what we’re doing to make a difference in our Sustainability Spotlight.

Jean-Michel Verdier
Managing Director
Continental Engineering Services