Solutions for more sustainability

Combining environmental and economic interests.

We take know-how from the automotive industry and make it available to drive environmentally friendly engineering solutions in the widest variety of areas. From lower pesticide use in agriculture, the conservation of drinking water, intelligent glass control or reducing emissions and fuel consumption, for example, environmental engineering can provide solutions for the most challenging problems. Using proven, robust automotive technology, we take a pragmatic, engineering-led approach to make our innovative ideas useful in other areas. From proof-of-concept to highly developed solutions at patent phase, we harness our technical capabilities to make a measurable difference.

“Our business center Greentech makes proven automotive technology useable for sustainable solutions in other industry sectors. In this way, we help customers to develop innovative products that enable the efficient use of natural resources for the benefit of all humans.”

Martin Pöttcher
Head of Business Center GreenTech

A selection of products and solutions for more sustainability


Cutting the carbon from the world of cargo with innovative solutions.

Charging Robot

A dynamic duo to transform the way EVs are charged.

Weed Control System

In with the good, out with the bad.

Water Management

Every drop counts.

Product Solutions 3D Manufacturing

Revolutionising production with innovative 3D printing technology.

Life Cycle Assessment

Making the most out of every moment.

Intelligent Glass Control

The benefits are crystal clear.

Digital Services Platform

Sharing the load.

Ac2ated Sound

Reducing emissions is music to our ears.