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In the quest for convenient and sustainable electric vehicle (EV) charging, Continental Engineering Services (CES) has unveiled a game-changing innovation – the “charging robot”. CES is committed to simplifying electromobility while minimising its environmental impact, and this innovation will transform the way we charge EVs.

The CES charging robot is a dynamic duo, comprising a vehicle unit mounted beneath the car and a ground unit integrated into the designated charging area. Once the vehicle has been positioned in its parking slot in the garage, the ground unit seamlessly connects to the vehicle, kickstarting the charging process. When charging is complete, disconnection can be automated or initiated upon request.

The vehicle unit is ingeniously designed to be mounted beneath the car, protecting connectors with a sliding door while driving. When it’s time to charge, the door elegantly opens, making the connector accessible. The unit communicates via WLAN with the ground unit, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in positioning.

Meanwhile, the ground unit, seamlessly integrated into the charging area’s surface, locates the vehicle’s connector with precision. It establishes WLAN communication with the vehicle unit, guiding the driver by indicating the connector positions and establishing electrical contact as soon as the vehicle is properly positioned.

Compared to traditional cable-based charging, the CES charging robot offers a fully automated charging process – eliminating the need for drivers to do anything beyond parking their vehicles. Additionally, you can initiate the charging process remotely, eliminating worries about forgetting to connect the cable. Plus, the CES charging robot boasts an elegant, low-profile ground unit design that not only looks sleek but also minimises the risk of vandalism, ensuring both style and security.

Compared to wireless charging, the CES charging robot takes the lead with higher charging efficiency and reduced electromagnetic emissions. Safety is paramount, as this system eliminates the need for foreign object detection, providing an extra layer of security. On top of that the CES charging robot enables automated parking and charging for ultimate convenience, simple control and supervision with a user-friendly mobile app, easy retrofitting, automated charging time selection for energy cost optimisation, customised charging currents and seamless integration into existing systems, making the transition effortless and efficient.

CES is fully committed to tailoring the charging robot to meet specific needs, catering to OEMs, energy suppliers and charging station providers. With CES, the future of EV charging is not just convenient – it’s green, sustainable, and effortless.

Keeping the spark alive

In August 2023, RBW Electric Classic Cars unveiled an exciting addition to the classic car world: a brand-new showroom in the heart of London. This milestone marks a significant moment for both car enthusiasts and advocates of electric vehicle (EV) technology.

RBW’s latest offering, the MGB EV, represents a thrilling blend of classic British roadster aesthetics and cutting-edge EV technology. This innovative conversion shows a potential future where classic motoring seamlessly integrates with electric propulsion.

Our customer RBW Electric Classic Cars opened a new showroom in London in August 2023. © Copyright

Central to this achievement is the role played by Continental Engineering Services (CES). CES contributed its expertise in three crucial areas: integration, energy optimisation and drivetrain management. These elements form the core of RBW’s Electric Car System, making it a game changer in the classic car restoration and EV sectors.

What sets RBW Electric Classic Cars apart is their commitment to excellence, drawing on the collective expertise of all divisions within Continental Engineering Services. This synergy ensures that every aspect of the RBW Electric Car System is meticulously crafted and optimised to deliver a truly exceptional driving experience.

RBW Electric Classic Cars’ new London showroom represents a significant step towards a future where classic motoring meets EV innovation. With CES’s integral contributions, this endeavour promises to revolutionise the way we perceive and interact with classic cars, propelling us into a new era of automotive excellence.

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