Every step makes a difference for sustainability.

Every step we take makes a difference – quite literally, when it comes to the Frankfurt and Nurnberg Marathons. Read about how our colleagues in Germany have gotten involved to make the world a better place below.

Mainova Marathon 2022


This year saw the return of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. This marathon places a strong emphasis on sustainability by using green energy, serving organic food, and promoting climate-friendly transportation options. In recognition of these efforts, it has earned the “Green Award”.

CES sent a team of 28 colleagues to participate in the 42-kilometer run. Their collective effort allowed us to make a donation to “Haus St. Martin in Hattersheim”, a homeless shelter operated by Caritas. What sets this marathon apart is the option to run the 42 kilometres as a team of four. The route is divided into four segments, with each team member completing one part. Together, they cover the entire distance, starting at the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage near the Messeturm and winding through the city of Frankfurt.

Throughout the marathon, there was an array of entertainment options, including live bands, games and shopping opportunities. Runners awaiting their teammates found themselves immersed in what felt like a citywide festival. This vibrant atmosphere also drew enthusiastic spectators to support all the runners.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the colleagues who participated in the marathon. Your dedication to sports has enabled us to contribute to vital social projects that assist those in need.

Marathon B2Run 2023


On July 25th, CES Nurnberg took part in the Nurnberg B2Run once again. This year, we had a record number of 27 colleagues who laced up their running shoes and participated in the 5.8 km race.

At CES, we strongly believe in giving back to our community, and this year’s B2Run provided us with an excellent opportunity to do just that. We decided that for every kilometre our team ran, we would make a donation to a local institution. We’re excited to announce that our team collectively covered a total distance of 156.6 km! As a result, we are proud to have supported the “Bäume für Nürnberg Stiftung” (Trees for Nurnberg Foundation) with our contribution. Our support will aid them in their mission to make our city greener and more sustainable.

Thanks to the entire CES Nurnberg team for their unwavering enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on both our community and the environment.

Helping children in need

Deutsche Lebenshilfe e.V provides support to families with children who have disabilities. They offer a summer vacation program where parents can entrust their children for care.

At CES, we decided to support this project with a donation, specifically a nest swing.

Additionally, during the summer, we assist caregivers by volunteering to organise barbecues for the children, as the organisation needs more than just financial help; they also require personnel.

The total donation covered the cost of the nest swing, its installation, ground preparation and tricycles.

We are backing this initiative based on recommendations from CES management and the Sustainability Team. Our goal is to support a social cause and give something back to children in need.

You can find more information about Deutsche Lebenshilfe e.V here:

The beauty of sustainability

In 2022, a range of sustainability initiatives took centre stage, giving rise to the concept of flowering fields at multiple CES locations. Several German sites actively participated in this environmental endeavour, emphasising the creation of a sustainably cultivated floral expanse designed for long-term growth and prosperity.

But what makes these flowering meadows so crucial? As highlighted by a 2019 UN report, roughly one-eighth of all animal and plant species currently face the threat of extinction. To safeguard biodiversity, these flower meadows play a pivotal role by serving as vital habitats for both animals and plants. It’s essential to note that a single species of wild fauna can sustain as many as ten other species. Beyond supporting pollinators like bees and butterflies, wildflowers also provide sanctuary for various bird and lizard species.

In Karben, employees demonstrated exceptional dedication by conceiving the idea of creating an additional flowering area in the shape of the CES logo. Furthermore, collaborative efforts with various nature experts have led to plans for other attractions, including a purpose-built, species-friendly insect hotel.

Meanwhile, in Frankfurt, a dedicated 25-square-meter area on-site underwent professional preparation for flowering. The primary emphasis was on cultivating a multi-year flower meadow that would gradually reveal its full splendour over time.

Notably, the Bavarian CES locations in Regensburg, Nurnberg and Ingolstadt, diverted funds initially earmarked for establishing a flower meadow and instead generously donated them to an environmental protection organisation focused on acquiring land for habitat restoration projects.

Sustainability day @ CES


Continental Engineering Services is dedicated to advancing sustainability. That’s why we organised our inaugural Sustainability Day at our Frankfurt location on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, with a specific focus on bee conservation.

This meaningful event was spearheaded by one of our dedicated CES employees, who is actively engaged with the mountain rescue youth of Hesse. Accompanied by approximately 30 enthusiastic young volunteers she arrived at the location. Together, they offered informative modules and presented educational displays on the importance of bee conservation.

Under sunny skies, employees and their families had the opportunity to gain insights into the vital role bees play in our ecosystem and discover practical ways to protect them through various interactive stations. Attendees even participated in the creation of a flowering meadow and the construction of insect hotels.

The responsible site manager expressed his gratitude to the CES team and the mountain rescue youth of Hesse for their outstanding dedication to this important cause.

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