Brightening the future of children in need.

More than 150 employees at our location in Timisoara support a wide variety of social projects and thus actively give back to society.

Winter shoes for Casa Rafa


Casa Rafa Project, located on the outskirts of Timisoara, Romania, is a private initiative focused on providing shelter, support and education to children in need. Continental Engineering Services (CES) Timisoara has been a supporter of this project for several years, started in 2017 by providing donations for food and equipment, as well as contributing to refurbishments and more.

At Casa Rafa, two dedicated individuals voluntarily lead the effort to provide a safe place for up to 56 children, ranging from grade 1 to grade 8. These children hail from diverse social backgrounds and their primary needs, including food, educational support and basic care, are met at Casa Rafa. The environment created here is one of positivity, compassion and happiness, offering these children a stable foundation in their otherwise uncertain lives. Beyond financial contributions, CES recognises the value of giving in various forms — whether it’s through monetary donations, the collection of specific items or helping. Spending time with kids, organising different events together.

It fills us with immense pride to witness our colleagues in Timisoara consistently dedicating their own time to help the children at Casa Rafa in Timisoara.

Inspired by the team in Romania, CES in Frankfurt undertook their own initiative at the end of November 2021. A collection drive was organised for winter boots, amassing a generous total of 41 pairs. These boots were then distributed to the children of Casa Rafa in Timisoara just before Christmas. Witnessing the joy on the faces of the children and the appreciation from the ladies at Casa Rafa was truly heartening.

CES’ ongoing support for the Casa Rafa Project is a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of these children. We believe in the power of collective effort, both within our organisation and in our wider community, to bring about meaningful change and brighten the future of those in need.

Food Bank Project 2022


Last year, we helped to finance a refrigeration chamber for “Banca pentru alimente Timisoara”, a vital hub for collecting, sorting and distributing surplus food received from major supermarkets like Lidl and Metro. CES has supported the food bank for two years now, which is a lifeline for people in need and also addresses the pressing issue of food waste, aligning perfectly with our sustainability goals.

Yet, the Food Bank Project faces its own set of challenges, primarily centred around the proper cooling and efficient distribution of fresh food. These challenges have spurred us to think creatively and proactively about how we can further lend our support. We’re exploring potential partnerships that can support the project, allowing it to thrive and serve our community even better. This year, CES will help to finance a refrigerated food truck to help even more.

A noteworthy point is that the Food Bank Project plays an integral role in supporting Casa Rafa as well. The two remarkable ladies who oversee the kids’ shelter are not only grateful but also relieved by the continuous support they’ve received from the CES location in Timisoara. With easier access to a consistent supply of food for the children, they can now focus their efforts on creating a nurturing environment where these young lives can flourish.

Involved Parent Initiative


The Involved Parent Association is dedicated to supporting children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds through education. Led by trained educational specialists, this initiative offers a range of courses and projects for children, teenagers and parents.

For children and teenagers, there are skill development courses, particularly focused on those facing adversity. Parents from disadvantaged backgrounds can participate in personal development courses. The core approach centres on acknowledging emotions, promoting education without punishment and fostering connections through play and relationships.

Volunteering opportunities in education are also available. Collaborative projects with the Involved Parent Initiative include a monthly kids’ book club with 15–26 participating children, and The Little Volunteers Project, involving children aged 4 to 18 in various volunteering activities, teaching them about volunteering and empathy.

Workshops, supported by association volunteers and sponsored materials, cover diverse topics such as acting courses, coaching education as well as the Urban Detectives game, which includes different places to visit in Timisoara, the 2023 European Capital of Culture.

CES plays a crucial role in supporting this initiative through various means, including sponsorship.

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