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CES in Hungary is on the right track when it comes to sustainability. Read about their impactful initiatives below.

A New Bike Track for the Kindergarten


In late 2022, Continental Automotive in Veszprém introduced the “Let’s create value together” initiative for employees. This program aimed to engage employees in sustainable value creation within their environment, offering a prize of HUF 300,000 (approximately €800). A CES employee who won the “Let’s create value together” campaign initiated and coordinated a project to construct a new bicycle track for a local kindergarten.

The winning project, a cycle path for the kindergarten, was a collaborative effort between the company and the employee. Work commenced in early March and concluded in about two months. During the planning phase, the primary focus was on ensuring that the prize money covered material expenses rather than labour costs. This was made possible through the dedicated efforts of colleagues who independently handled tasks like track selection, gravel shovelling, formwork and concrete work.

Motivated IT colleagues played a significant role by steadfastly mixing concrete, while parents of the kindergarten’s children actively joined in the construction efforts. Borrowed tools facilitated the construction process, and the village administration greatly assisted by transporting bulk materials to the site.

The “Let’s create value together” goal was successfully achieved through collaboration. This project has brought immense joy to the children, and sincere thanks go out to all dedicated colleagues who contributed to the planning and execution of this impactful campaign.

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