Life Cycle Assessment​

Making the most out of every moment.

Every product and component has a lifespan. To increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact, it’s important not just to understand the entire life cycle, but to optimise a product’s usefulness.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in developing high-quality automotive components, we are perfectly positioned to calculate, analyse and provide valuable insights into a product’s carbon footprint with our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

With our state-of-the-art standards, we can quantify every step in the process, from material procurement to final assembly. This meticulous approach enables us to create accurate models for each stage of a product’s life, ensuring a holistic view.

By combining environmental data from Continental production plants around the world and working with trusted data providers like Sphera and Ecoinvent, we can provide a cradle-to-grave assessment of a product’s environmental impact, including an in-depth analysis of hotspots. This knowledge allows us to make informed decisions on how to optimise designs for a more sustainable future.

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